2016/12/16: Alban brought us the first release on this label last year. Now he delights us with his first full length album! Check it out on Bandcamp over here.

2016/11/25: Just in time for some mellow winter days konstant. delivers his debut EP on our label. Enjoy!

2015/12/30: Our treat for the holidays: A 100% improvised liveset by Hamburg based electronica trio Treibgut!

2015/12/02: Another mixtape! Drum and Bass meets Techno - compiled by Neal Spa. Have Fun! :-)

2015/11/06: Robert Heel releases his new record today. We're happy to be part of this! Be sure to check out his videos too!

2015/09/09: Treibgut's akustikhaack blessed us with a mixtape. It's amazing!

2015/08/08: Here's our new release. "You said" by .computer... We're happy and proud!

2015/08/03: Our good friend Robert Heel blessed us with a deep and dubby mixtape. Enjoy!

2015/07/13: Here's our second mixtape. A wonderful blend of laid back tunes by Alban Endlos. Thanks!

2015/06/22: The first entry for our soon-to-be infamous mixtape series is here. This is side A - curated by .computer..! Side B will follow soon - Side C a little later. You get the picture. :-)

2015/03/06: Here we are: Our first release by Alban Endlos is out. Check out his "Umda EP"!

2015/02/01: Our first release is on its way! "Umda EP" by Alban Endlos will be out on 6th March - including remixes by Powel, Dolph and Jan Hertz!